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5 Cool Facts About SWA & Ginger Hardage

I was very blessed to be able to spend my afternoon at one of my favorite places in the world interviewing one of the most fabulous people ever.  AKA I spent my afternoon at the Southwest Airlines Corporate Headquarters

at Love Field interviewing Ginger Hardage, the head of communications there.  Southwest airlines is a fabulous company, if you didn’t already know, and I like to claim (as a SWA employee’s child) that the SWA LUV runs in my veins.  

As I contemplate my time with Ginger, laying out an outline for the profile I plan to complete on her, I keep replaying some of her more intriguing responses in my head.  She’s a smart cookie that one, and well deserving of the position she fills.  To give you a bit of a taste of my interview and share a bit of my LUV for Southwest I have compiled a “fun fact” about these two subjects list below.  Enjoy XX

#5:  Southwest Airlines recently acquired AirTran, making them a larger, INTERNATIONAL airline.  Saddle up boys, let’s head to Cabo.

#4:  Ginger Hardage is a traveler, (if you couldn’t already guess from her career ;) ) and really enjoys the outdoors!  Santa Fe is her go-to vacation destination.

#3:  The Wright Amendment will be lifted here come October (if I’m correct), and do you know what that means?  Well, long of the short, this gal here now has another (and NONSTOP) option into Chicago Midway!

#2:  Ginger has an adorable doggy named Cappy.  Any guesses what that’s short for?  Think cockpit and you’ve got it “Captain.”

#1:  Southwest Airlines is all about their customers, but surprisingly they’re not their first concern.  Employees always come first according to Ginger!

Check back later for a possible posting of my profile on this fab one.



Victim of Revenge Porn?

A woman who’s name is hidden, has recently been the victim of revenge porn.  What is it, you may ask.  An ex boyfriend of Jane Doe’s has maliciously posted pictures of her online that were taken without her knowledge.  Essentially it’s online harassment.

She’s now “unemployable” as her employer puts it, and the courts are having a hard time getting the posts removed online as each site has its own laws and regulations.

What does this mean for us?  We live in such a quick moving, technology driven world where information is too easily accessible.  I mean how many beauty queens have had their crowns removed and names tarnished due to a few pictures of crazy drunk nights?

If anything this is another wake up call for our society.  One has to be constantly aware of what is posted or taken pictures of.  Be conscious that EVERYONE has that iphone and that ANYONE can be the bad guy.  YOU can be your own bad guy by sending nudie pictures to a beau.  Even if he is the most responsible, wonderful, god-sent man on earth isn’t it risky just to have that information about you floating about?

An easy google of myself recently showed way to many pictures of me.  Now realize they were in no means inappropriate or lead to anything questionable, but still a website I designed for a class revealed more about me than any googler should know!  

Be careful out there ladies and gents, it’s a scary world of OVER INFORMED individuals.



Valentines Day

Well its after midnight, so it must be the glorious VALENTINES DAY.  The day of love, the day of martyrdom, the day of singles’ depression, and another one of those silly holidays.  Why do we celebrate it, and why do we let it have so much power over us?

When googled, Valentines results are full of pictures of pink and red m&ms, couples in love, and pictures of some kind of Catholic saint.  In essence though it’s a holiday to celebrate love.  The love of a couple, the love between family members, loving friendships are all types of love represented on this day.  So silly though, don’t you think?  Shouldn’t we celebrate our love for one another every day?  I think so!  It just seems like another one of those commercial holidays so companies can rake in the dough.

Halmark cards make a killing, as do chocolate sellers, restaurants, romantic movies, and the florists.  Bizarre, and theses are all complaints everyones heard before.  So why blog about it?  Well the stupid day is upon me, and it’s another day to defend my choices in life, yeah I WANT to be single… but really.  Maybe it’s not so bad, we need those reminders every once and awhile to show appreciation to the ones who mean something to us in our lives, to not expect something in return, to just love and be loved.  To remember the sweet years were mom would surprise us with silky Valentine pajamas, to remember all the sweet things others have done for me, and to spread love where it’s needed.  Happy Valentines y’all.

<3 E


Instead of posting my paper resume, which is currently in flux/revision, I have posted my LinkedIn profile instead.  Check it out :)

A Stranger in a Familiar World? - Comm. 2308 - 2/7/14

Of course, changing ones environment can cause some culture shock.  So when I attended Cardiff University for a semester, as I “studied abroad,” I was not surprised by the culture shock I experienced there (in Wales).  I was prepared for a “whole new world,” as Disney’s Ariel would put it, and that’s exactly what I saw.  What I was not prepared for was the culture shock I would experience on my return to my native land, and University, SMU.  What a strange concept.  How can one experience culture shock in their own native society? 

It’s not like SMU had changed.  Save for a few additions to the lovely campus (buildings and students alike), the sorority girls toting Tory Burch, the multiple fountains, and bustling/over-stressed/over-worked/over-qualified student body hadn’t changed a bit.  SO WHAT WAS THE DEAL?

I had changed.  Sounds obvious enough, does it not?  Well it wasn’t to me.  I knew I had experienced/witnessed a completely different way of life, met new people, and enjoyed different foods, but come on, I was still (as my aunt would put it) the “same old Emily.”  But I wasn’t.  The same old Emily knew the ways of her campus, but recently everything about it seemed to throw her off balance.  

Now don’t get me wrong here, it’s not like every day back is a constant struggle, or that I’m ABSOLUTELY STUNNED by things.  I’m just a little thrown off in most cases.  I recognize that something seems different about the way I used to view things, and that in itself is mind boggling.  Why was everything so different?  My immediate friends, I could tell, were definitely getting tired of me asking that question.

Long of the short, seeing a completely different society opens ones eyes to different mindsets, ways of life, and views.  Sometimes those things rub off on you, because you like it better than the way you were doing it.  Obvious I know, and contrary to what society thinks, but people are always truly changing (if not a lot, then in small increments).  I have traveled before, as the daughter of a flight attendant I’m no stranger to weekend getaways and the use of non-rev passes, and due to this experienced more than some have.  But crossing the big blue is definitely a play with the big leagues.  That “ish” over there “be cray,” and that’s not in a bad way.

Anyway my sights have changed, and it’s constantly hard to detect how, but I can feel it.  Also I’m not sure if I welcome the feeling or abhor it.  Do I want it to end, and be “used” to SMU again, or do I want to hold onto it as long as I can to savor whatever is left of my experience abroad?  What could I use this feeling to accomplish?  All questions that continually float around my head, and thanks to this lovely blog I can bother all you with my questions/revelations and stop bugging my friends with it, because in all honesty if I’m tired of this subject I can be DAMN sure they are too.

Well until next time.


Comm- 2308 1/31/14

Sometimes conversations with my british version of Siri get super real, and sometimes I just want to see if he can understand my version of the british accent.  Success in this case, but also how creepy that Siri logged my past location…but yet cool…still deciding how I feel about this.  Technology is awesome, or is it?

Anyway this is my intro to my new set of blog posts that I will be doing for yet ANOTHER class that requires it, but actually THIS IS cool because I really wished I blogged anyway.  Run on sentences for the win.

So I’ll start off with a brief introduction (in my introduction haHA) of what my current life status is.  I’m back in Dallas after spending a semester in Cardiff, Wales.  I’m taking 18 hours, and now very much understand why everyone who’s ever taken 18 hours complains about it.  I’m being my own very over involved self, and loving catching up with friends (who unfortunately are also over-involved, but thanks to my new balancing skills I’ve perfected abroad we’re figuring it out) ;). 

That is all, dear blog.  I promise to be more intriguing next time!


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