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Have you seen this?

This sucks.  As I sit here procrastinating studying for my finals this video pops up on my news feed.  Watching it melts my heart, as it would for I’m sure anyone.  I remember back to my days on the bus, bullied as I was by the dumb girl in the class above me.  We ended up on a lovely level of friendship once she graduated, but you wouldn’t be able to tell how horrible she had been to me when we were younger.  I mean, I feel this poor girls pain, her tears, and heartache as it makes her hate school.  

The bus driver ignoring the situation is not new, neither was the principle ignoring it.  ”Bullying doesn’t happen in my school,” is not a new phrase to hear.  It sucks, it absolutely sucks.  Fortunately I had pretty aggressive parents.  My father, the ever wise man, told me when she next harrassed me to reply with a witty remark, putting her back in her spot.  I did, and she ended up leaving me alone.  I think back to the day I turned around and said, “*Jane Doe, have you been drinking out of the toilet again, because your breath REAKS.”  She sat back astonished and I felt the power to defend myself grow within me.

I was so fortunate to have parents who not only fought the fight, when I needed them to, and taught me how to fight my own.  They instilled in me a strong sense of self, and as Pastor would say, “good God esteem.”  I still came across hard times, and bullies all through out high school (yes they still exist in college as well, they’re just more subtle) and will always fight to not let others make me feel bad.  One must always remind themselves of Eleanor Roosevelt’s wise saying, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

In the end though, parenting and esteem aside, I can look at this child, feeling as sad as I do, but all I can think of is the poor bully.  Where is that kids parents?  Clearly the little girl has loving parents, much like mine, who are going to support her and help her fight.  Where, but where oh where are these boy’s parents?  Where are they to help him know to treat others better, to have esteem in himself to not hurt others the way he clearly is hurt?  Even bigger, what has society done to encourage this behavior.

Again in the end I think, this sucks, this absolutely sucks, but there’s a bigger picture here.  I feel like in the society we live in we are too quick to jump and blame (of course though this started back with Adam and Eve’s blaming of each other).  We are too quick to hurt others the way we are hurt or look for a simple solution and fight the easiest thing to fight.  We need to look at the bigger picture, everyone’s hurting and this causes everyone to hurt others.

Look back at my example.  My father’s first response was to hurt the little girl back, instead of dealing with her with compassion.  But then again would she have been as responsive had I not been so aggressive.  Would the bully in this video be more responsive if the principle yelled at him or if his home situation changed?  No one can tell, but truly is it better to fight fire with fire?

I don’t know, I’ve never been good at conclusions.  Just some things I’ve been pondering.  Hope it helps you ponder as well.



** LATER EDIT:  WAITTTTT I just made an incredible connection.  The new Maleficent movie coming out from Disney is all about seeing the other side of the story.  *MIND BLOWN*  that or I’m just tired due to studying (er procrastinating) for finals.


Emily Steinke

3030 Daniel Ave. | Dallas, Texas 75205 | (214) 883-8867  |


A dedicated and passionate current student of Southern Methodist University whose previous and current involvement reflect superior leadership, a desire to succeed, and commitment to campus and community.


Southern Methodist University                                                                                                                 Dallas, Texas           

  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with emphasis in PR                                                               August 2011-May 2015
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology    
  • GPA – 3.50 (All College)

Cardiff University                                                                                                                                                            Cardiff, Wales

  • Sociology and Foreign Cultures Focus, Transfer StudentFall 2013

Work Experience:

Southern Methodist University                                                                                                                  Dallas Texas

Resident Life and Student Housing Summer Conference Leader                                                                 May-August 2013

  • Managed conferences held on the SMU campus
  • Serviced customers in housing arrangements, and organized/handled documents and keys

Summer Orientation Tour Guide                                                                                                                                       July 2013

  • Guided tours of the SMU residence halls to incoming first years and their families

Environmental RepresentativeAugust 2012-May 2013

  • Provided residential support through conducting green initiatives, informational sessions, and programs

Maple Lawn Elementary                                                                                                                           Dallas, Texas

Assistant to the Community LiaisonAugust 2012-May 2013

  • Collaborated with the Community Liaison by making connections/appointments with community leaders/members
  • Helped to plan and organize school-wide community outreach
  • Tutored children after school

Matthew Steinke Homes                                                                                                                     Des Moines, Iowa

Public Relations, Sales, and Marketing InternMay-August 2013

  • Promoted the company, met marketing needs, advertised, and increased sales efficiency

Iowa State Capitol House of Representatives                                                                                     Des Moines,  Iowa

Page Iowa 83rd General Assembly

  • Assisted Iowa Representatives with errands and specialized representative committee meetings
  • Aided the Sergeant at Arms by controlling access lobbyists and constituents had to Representatives

Extracurricular/Volunteer Involvement:

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

  • Private Pilot’s License (Summer 2013)

Gamma Phi Beta

  • Public Relations Image Consultant (2014)
  • Singsong Lead
  • Campfire USA/Girls on the Run
  • Homecoming Float Chair (2012)

Southern Methodist University

  • SMU Peruna Pal
  • Program Council Concert Committee
  • Program Council Singsong Committee
  • Intramural Referee
  • Intramural Basketball Player
  • Mustang Mavericks Country Western Dance Team


Herb D. Kelleher Scholarship 2011, Keokuk Co. Fair Queen 2010, All Iowa Academic Athlete Award

Frozen Moments In Life

            I was sixteen going on seventeen, wait, just kidding, this isn’t The Sound of Music, but that “la-de-da” feel-good song is the type of life I led at this point.  I wasn’t growing up very fast, but psh I had the rest of high school to do that.  A sophomore in high school with so much to look forward to, I means things are good.  Here I am, a cute cheerleader, in my black and gold uniform sat atop my teammates shoulders, using crazy spirit fingers to wish luck upon our teams’ kickoff.  Drumroll please.  Good kick boys!  Yeah, life is good, and this is going to be a great game.

            I loved everything about the football games from the three-hour bus rides to the super salty popcorn spilled beneath the bleachers.  My cheer team was so good too!  We rocked those cheers, and our kicks weren’t half bad either.  Extended liberty into cradle, psh what child’s play.  How exhilarating it was too cheering on a consistently winning team, doing jumping jacks for each point after each touch down.  It’s not even half time yet, and how many have we done?  Over a hundred or so, yeah that sounds right. 

            My family wasn’t with me, there was no need for them to come to every game, especially since we lived in Iowa and one game could easily be three hours away.  No they only came to the important stuff, the competitions.  Plus they were busy!  I mean, in a small town, any little amount of affluence could get you a long way.  You’re dad employed two our your classmates fathers?  Yeah, that counts.  You’re dad flew a single engine plane around quite a bit?  Of course everyone had seen it.  So I didn’t even need them there, everyone knew me, or more importantly knew of me.  Also living in such a small town everyone was friends with everyone anyway.  Also my cousin Spencer was playing this game, so Uncle Mark and my cousin Angelee are in the stands, hmm maybe I’ll ride back with them later if I’m feeling to cool to ride the bus.

            How cool am I?  I mean check out my team’s new stunt!  Wait, what Jordan?  No she didn’t.  How dare she, doesn’t she know that Drew was totally yours, and even if she didn’t he used to date Tessa, and I thought they were like super close so that would be awkward.  No Jackie, I hate that cheer please pick another one.  Ugh, Sami could be so annoying.  Thank gawd it’s almost halftime, I need a walking taco stat.  Come on boys, stop delaying let’s just get this touchdown! Five, four, three, two, EHHHHHHHHHH.  Yeah, let’g go get a snack.

            I whip around, after facing the field for most of the game.  Ha, awk the whole crowd is staring at me.  My jump must have been good.  “Yeah, Jordan let me grab my wallet,” I spit at her as I watch Angelee trot down the bleachers my way.  Hmm, yeah I don’t think I’ll ride with them home, I’m having too much fun with the girls.  Jeez, why is everyone so whispery tonight, there must be some new goss I’m missing out on.

            “Emily! Wait come here a minute, I want to grab you before you hear…” Oh yeah, must be good gossip.  “Emily, you’re dads been in an accident.  He crashed his plane.”

            Sometimes I feel like “Hawt Shet,” and living in the world we live in, especially at the age I was, it’s hard not too.  They always say we don’t change, in fact I don’t think we mature very fast either.  But then God has to come over and knocks us down a peg, and those are the moments I believe, we grow up in a second.

NOTE TO ALL:  My father was UNINJURED in his accident, I just posted about it because I feel like this was a moment in my life where the world just stopped.



Divergent — He was okay with her saying “No.”

As Rachel Green wisely once said in the Friends episode “The One with the Jellyfish,” “It’s not that common, it doesn’t happen to everyone, and it is a big deal!”  Of course she’s not referring to sex in the way I am here.  I mean is it just me, or does anyone else want to scream this at the entire adolescent population?  Sex at a young age is not as common as everyone believes, although it is increasing in statics, not everyone is partaking in it, and preserving it is a big deal!  Yes, we’ve seen this message a million times, but so have the young adults.  Yet they seemingly continue not to care for the message, or find it an unrealistic concept in our society.  If you don’t believe me check the many articles that discuss the laughter generated during the sex scene in new movie Divergent.

Divergent, Twilight, and The Hunger Games are all common household names thanks to the film industry, all of which started as teen fiction novels and ended as blockbuster favorites.  These films, all led by strong females characters, have simila

r female empowerment messages, which is great since sociology consistently reminds us of media’s effect on society.  How perfect, the easiest medium used to approach our children works to spread good messages, but clearly as Divergent feedback shows, not quite enough.  

In Divergent, a story about a post-apocalyptic society, our main girl Tris falls for her leader, known as Four.  It’s a slow building relationship due to Tris’ humble past and Four’s leadership position.  After what seems like forever Tris and Four share their first kiss, ending the scene, and the kiss, with Tris’ request to “take things slow.”  This is quite the “bummer” to the young adults wanting more, as well as humorous to them as yet another teen flick preaches a “waiting” message.  Twilight did the same as Bella and Edward waited until marriage.

How interesting though that we preach woman empowerment all over the place, magazines, movies, and multimedia alike yet sexual empowerment is something to be made fun of.  Strange though, as I flip through my sisters Seventeen magazine, there seems to be a lot encouraging girls to empower themselves sexually.  My question is though, if we are empowering them sexually why is waiting such a silly concept?  As statistics show, in a 2002 sex poll, 40% of the population lost their virginity between 16-18.  As later polls show that number is rising.  In fact virgins make up only 12% of females and 14% of males aged 20-24.  

Have women truly reached the equality of their male counterparts?  Why is it that sex is expected of women then, or even of males for that matter?  Why when Four agrees to slow things down for Tris is that funny?  Is it just too stereotypical that a woman has to put the breaks on and men have to oblige?  Interestingly enough the book intended that both Tris and Four want to take things slow.  Veronica Roth, author of Divergent, intended that both parties took things slow since they both had bigger things to worry about, but more importantly needed carefully broach intimacy.

How great would it be if our young adults did the same?  Scientific studies show that there a negative effects, go figure, to those who have sex too early.  Depressive like behaviors were shown to be more common in those that did.  Think about it though, if our legal system doesn’t allow alcohol until 21 to preserve our still growing brains, shouldn’t we assume it’s wise to abstain from sex as well?  

Overall I think it’s important that we as a society look at the way we approach sex, and sexual empowerment in our society.  If we truly are searching to build an empowered, prepared, and diverse population shouldn’t we show that it is indeed okay to do so?  Showing women as sexual objects, claiming abstinence is for the super religious or squares only, and showing males as predators has got to stop! We have got to not only prepare our young adults for anything, but support their decisions and stop stereotyping them!  The best way to do so in through our media.   Indeed it’s time to remove the need to fit our gender roles, and allow them to make healthy decisions without pressure.




Best SMU Study Spots, Before and After Midnight

As I bury myself in the multiple papers due across my 18hour schedudled life I can help but think, what can I do to help my self better study?  I’m sure you all know the answer to that as many the counselor and wellness class drilled this information into you, but I’d thought I’d share with you all what works for me, as I find that finding what works for you is what works best, and getting new ideas when yours aren’t working out always helps.  According to the Huffington Post there are 9 main tips to follow, and I’ve added my own personal opinion on those just to give you all a new outlook.  (Me giving my opinion in my blog, what’s new?  Well jeez louise if you don’t like it stop reading, because that’s all I do.)

  1. Alternate Study Spots.  Agreed, if I stay in one place for too long I can easily feel myself running out of steam and out of focus.  I would add on that one should alternate energies as well.  So what I do is I alternate from busy places to quieter ones, all depending on what I’m working on and how long the night’s going to be.  I’m staying up all night to finish 5 assignments?  Well let’s say I start working at 7, I start in the library to get myself in the studying mood.  I then move as the night gets later to a bit of a louder place to influence me to keep pace, take for example Cafe Brazil, or an open late coffee shop.  Things are winding down, but I need some quiet and focus?  I’ll join my sisters at the house in the downstairs late night studiers group in the dinning room.
  2. Study in Groups:  Agreed, but only at a certain point.  It’s important to understand the material yourself first, then join others and go oer it together, let them teach you and vice versa.  Explaining it to others and seeing it from a different view is always helpful.
  3. Make Flash Card:  Don’t usually agree.  Making flash card is time consuming, and as a Sociology major the majority of concepts I study are too vast to fit on one card.  Yet when the class is super based on memorization of definitions the cards can come in handy.  I recommend the online/phone card app.  You can quickly type up your cards and have them with you everywhere.
  4. Take Tests:  Agreed. Lots of subjects can be found online with mock tests attached to them, try them out.  They can easily prepare you for the real deal, obviously.
  5. Sleep:  AGREED.  Sometimes it’s just time to quit and go the eff to bed if you know what I mean.  As Ted from HIMYM would say, “Nothing good happens after 2 AM.”
  6. Don’t Characterize Yourself:  I don’t get this, it says not to say “Oh, I’m only a visual learner, and I won’t be able to get this.”  I say know yourself and try to find a way to be successful based off of how you know you work.
  7. Go To Class:  Agreed. They make you sign in, go, and pay for it for a reason, if not they would give you book to read at home instead.
  8. Don’t Immerse Yourself in Subject Material:  Again, I don’t understand where they’re going with this one.
  9. Manage Your Time:  Well, duh.

Well I hope that helps a few of you.  Good luck to you all in your studies!



HE’S BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK (22 k’s to represent his 22 Olympic medals)


OH would you get a LOOK at that beaut, my imaginary boyfriend (although he is very much real, he’s just not my boyfriend, the proper phrase being “In my dreams”.  Flawless I say, FLAWLESS.  Michael Phelps is who I’m talking about, if you don’t recognize that famous mug of his.  He’s the first thing that pops up when “Michael” is googled, the 22 time olympic medal winner, the face of Nike, and the abnormally long armed backstroker who’s been shamed for using pot.  (THE LOVE OF MY LIFE)  

GUESS WHAT?  He’s backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!  Back to the pool that is.  After retiring in 2012, post olympics, and spending some time working with the charities close to his heart (as well as losing his beautiful olympical bod) he’s pool bound.  For what?  According to his coach he’s back just to “mess around,”  try it out, and have some fun.  Publicity stunt perhaps?  Is he already out of sponsor money?  Bored?  Back to spite Lochte? (Not that it’s hard to make that kid look stupid, he does it pretty well himself — see “What Would Ryan Lochte Do,” and prepare yourself to stare in disbelief.)  

Aside from the questions that arise as to WHY he’s returning, another line of inquisition is can he handle it?  According to my Stanford swimmer cousin, who’s swam against Phelps and Lochte on multiple occasions, a weekend can throw one a week behind bodily.  Well, what will a few years do to you then?  If the proof is in the pudding all one has to do is look at Shawn Johnson.  Girl took time off to compete in Dancing With the Stars post her time in the Olympic limelight, and let me tell you from personal experience I saw her at the Iowa State Fair, and she didn’t stay her typically tiny gymnast self.  Also how convenient was it that she injured herself in time to not compete at the next olympic trials?  Injured or out of shape?

Gossip and inquisitions aside I think the world, me especially, could benefit from having our Michael back poolside.  Looking forward to it we shall be.

Till then dear Michael XX


Communicating, why does our generation suck at it?

My generation sucks at communicating.  I’ve noticed that compared to older generations, and by this I mean our parents and grandparents, that we cannot properly convey to others how we feel, let alone sit and have a tangible conversation with another being.  My argument for this?  I blame technology.  We sit, day in day out, staring at the 2x3inch screen of our telephones, our laptops, our Ipods.  It’s making us stupid I swear!

I’ll start by showing evidence in myself.  I can’t live without spell check for starters.  Is it just me or has anyone else tried to spell check their notes while writing them in class on paper.  I’ve literally tapped the misspelled word on my paper twice with my pen hoping it would correct itself.  *FACE PALM.  In the same manner I often find myself wanting to double tap words in my book so that I can read the definition of them.  *DOUBLE FACE PALM.  Next I’ve noticed that not only is it hard for me to hold a conversation in general, but ask questions of another being.  Is it because I can’t think of how to intelligently continue a conversation or is because I already know the answer to all the questions I want to ask thanks to the excess of media sources I use?

Things I’ve noticed in others and just in general?  

  1. Others feel more apt to say things online they wouldn’t say in person, putting them in odd binds with others.  (This of course is a main cause of cyber-bullying)  Also when they are in person, they become to *excuse my french* chicken shit to say what they really mean because they are unpracticed and intimidated.
  2. People have completely forgotten how to use proper grammar.  If you’ve perused Facebook ever in your life I’m sure you understand.
  3. People don’t know how to be together socially.  Go out to eat with a bunch of girlfriends, and shortly into the meal everyone’s pinned their location, posted a pic (oh gawd, tumblr didn’t even autocorrect the word “pic” just there) of their meal, and spent the majority of the time on their phone either contacting others that aren’t present at the event, or perused every single one of their social media sources at least twice.  What ever happened to enjoying those you were with?  What’s even the point then of the dinner together?
  4. Our generation has become overly stimulated.  With the same logic as one would use for men being overly stimulated by porn and expecting too much/ or unrealistic things in the bedroom, we as a generation are overly stimulated making us easily bored in face to face conversations.
  5. We expect things to instantaneous.  Online we can get anything in seconds.  When you go to a party it becomes the same concept.  Since we already expect very little of each other online, it translates to our social lives, and in my opinion lowers the expectations in interaction in person.  A guy says a few half hearted compliments at the bar, he’s easily got the girl coming home with him.  WTF girls?  (Of course there’s other factors here, but this is one of them).

Long of the short, in my opinion, media has ruined our communication skills and it’s only going to get worse.  In fact now communications students are focused on media relations, because apparently that’s the only way to contact the audience.  Sad, sad, sad methinks.

Put down your phones ladies and gents.



Proposed: To American Airlines that is!

Here I’ve attached my fictional proposal to American Airlines, something that is part of a project in my Strategic Communications class.  It’s no secret to those of you who know me well, that I’m obsessed with Southwest Airlines, and rarely, I mean RARELY, fly anyone else.  So here I take an airline I think could benefit from following some of Southwest’s “Luvin Spirit,” and give them some suggestions.





Public Relations Firm | Indigo PR & Associates

March 7, 2014

American Airlines Executive Board

4333 Amon Carter Blvd

Ft. Worth, TX 76155

Dear American Airlines Executive Board,

In our recent communications and subsequent meeting we’ve decided that in order to recreate American Airlines image, and to bring a more positive view to the American-US Airways merger, a more prominent and positive media image was needed.  In a time where many changes will be made it is important to keep the transition smooth by reassuring the customers that a better airline has been born. 

As a way of accomplishing our mission I propose that American hosts an event entitled “#TheLegendIsBack,” with the tagline “Change has arrived.  Experience the new American Airline.”  This event, an evening ball hosted at the American Airlines Center, will consist of musical entertainment, dinner, and a chance to get to know the new American family in their hometown.

News about the event will be released to the public via twitter as well as other areas of American’s media presence.  The hashtag #TheLegendIsBack will be used, and tickets to the event can be won via retweeting American’s post and using the hashtag to promote the new plane interiors.

For $60 attendees will be guaranteed entrance to the ball and a dinner served buffet style by multiple of Fort Worth’s classic restaurants including Cattlemen’s Steakhouse, Cantina Laredo, and Eddie V’s Prime Seafood.  Entertainment will be provided by native Texan Kelly Clarkson, and up and coming country star Thomas Rhett. 

In order to give the event an American “family feel” the location will be decorated with the theme of the new airplane design with a mock 737 present to show attendees the upgrades.  CEO Doug Parker as well as other executive members will be present to mingle and present the new American airline.  Later they will present a raffle drawn to give away free flights.  All proceeds from the event will go to support the USO as American is their official airline, and American supports our troops.

I anticipate that this event will start a larger and more positive media trend towards American Airlines and their merger with US Airways, as well as give customers a reinvented image of them.  I hope that this event closely matches the goal you have in mind for it.  Thank you for the opportunity to work with your renowned company, if you have any questions please contact me at (214) 883-8876.


 Emily Steinke

Public Relations Manager

Things I “SHOULD” be Doing as a College Student (Ah, yes bless the stereotype)

As I look around my own campus, and view others on TV I can’t help but notice there are a few stereotypically college studenty life choices I apparently should be making.  Some I’ve made (past tense), am making, and am not making.  Here are a select few:

1.)  Partying at least twice a week (Thursday and Saturday night) 

2.)  Constantly making new friends and meeting new people.

3.)  Causing uber amounts of drama.

4.)  Living glued to my phone.

5.)  Trying drugs.

6.)  Trying things/doing things that will be looked down upon as “wrong” once I’m no longer in college.

7.)  Staying fit, and working out constantly.

8.)  Having my life so together, yet falling completely apart at the same time.

Now these are just things I’ve viewed, and I’m not releasing what I am or am not doing (privacy y’all), but question is why is this expected of college students?  Are they realistic, are they really happening, and how is it affecting my fellow student who lead lives that follow the above criteria?  All random questions, and let’s not pretend this post is super profound, but like most of my posts it’s just a collection of my observations.

I don’t know where I’m going with this.  Happy Friday y’all.





Being the 21 year old adult that I am, let me say that I am STOKED to take a break from the constant blahdy blah of classes, and sit back with a marg on the beach.  Now where to go for break?  Over the past three years of my college career I’ve experience a few different destinations.  My first, AUSTRALIA.  Indeed it was legendary to utilize my mother’s INSANE flight benefits and fly the 14 hours to visit my cousin in the AUS with my older sister in tow.  Yes, I know, I’m extremely blessed.

Second year?  I went home, relaxed, and watched enough TV to permanently damage my brain.  Not as excellent as the first years experience, but restful nonetheless.  This year?  I think it’s about time to experience the proper college experience and road trip down to the Gulf Shores with some srat sisters, and drink my life away as I shared a condo and a bed with them.

This though had me wondering, what were the rest of my college classmates doing if they weren’t going home or Alabama like me?  What are the hotspots?  Well thanks to my good friend Instagram, that question wasn’t a hard one to answer.  The top destinations, in order of classiness, are as follows (this data is of my own creation due to what I viewed online and deduced from those who posted them):

1.)  Panama Beach

2.)  Cabo (equally as excellent as PB, though so a close second)

3.)  Miami

4.)  Destin

5.)  Gulf Shores

This is just the main hot spots of the crazy Mustangs that I observed.  What would they be doing at these tropical locations?  Alcohol, and beach dartying (day-partying) mostly.  And let me tell you, that sounds EXCELLENT.  See you in a week SMU, hopefully tanned and massively rested (but more likely hung over).



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